I am hedonist, I love blissful moments. I admire waste my time, day and life. I don’t worry about anything. I pursue space in the mountains and seas. Precisely on the motorbike, in the very near future. But the sofa with a cosy blanket on it is on my top list, too. And Netflix.


I am deaf. In small 'd'. I know Polish Sign Language and British Sign Language. But I prefer to communicate reading someones' lips which is extremely challenging all the time. Amongst unknown people, I love trolling them using my deafness. I have one hearing aid, I am able to hear something, but it doesn’t mean I understand 'something-something' as well.


I have got a hearing boyfriend, let’s call him 'M'. And this is new to me, mental and emotional circus, but I won’t change him for anyone! Sometimes I write about our relationship, it is important for you to be aware of our daily communication, struggles, challenges, etc. I haven’t got any children and not planning to do (hysterectomy in 2016).


I came to England in 2007, to small and cute King’s Lynn, Norfolk. In June 2019 I moved out to Peterborough to live together with my beloved partner, M. Recently, I work in Cambridgeshire Deaf Association as Care Support Worker, full time.


I write blog since 2003, with some little breaks. Continuously I improve my writing technique and own style through spiritual and emotional growth. Recently I am deeply into writing ebooks and monetizing my knowledge & experience. Because there is a lot to write about! Especially in the spirituality area (I was out of the esoteric field in summer 2018). I am alone in my little business – I made that blog and store on my own, me, deaf! And I am very fine with that! 


I provide advices and consultations in health, relationships and spirituality/esoteric field (they are differents things!) – you can write an email to me through blog and I always answer. I feel intuitionally your soul, I feel when you need help, advice, reasurance or confirmation of your deep and weird doubts. I never judge anyone, I see whole situation from huge distance and I adjust to the level of consciousness of your soul. And I am very good at it! Advices and consultations are paid. If you want to get more details feel free to write an email to me. 


And I stipulate that my blog is not for everyone. I used to bring up really controversial topics, for many of you they may be obvious but still can change your point of view. I am not afraid of them and I take responsibility for every written and spoken word.


But I cannot be responsible for your reaction.


Because you came here by accident? Or on your own risk?

My blog posts are based on SOLELY my many-years observations of people, life and surroundings.


If you have any questions or want to contact me – here is my email: